About Us


A Local Broker (ALB) - Opening Doors and Managing The Process

We understand that daily life can be far too busy and stressful to find and get the best out of financial brokers and the many associated services available that you will need, usually have to arrange separately, coordinate and manage; this is where we, A Local broker, step in.

ALB is managed by individuals who know their stuff and are committed to ensuring things get done.

YOUR ONE STOP SHOP with panels of mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, investment specialists, surveyors, solicitors and removal companies able to act in your locality. We manage the whole process on your behalf - Instructing, Updating and collectively driving.

Our staff continuously update their knowledge on the relevant offerings and although they are not FCA regulated and therefore will not give you advice, they are able to let you know what options are available to you without recommending. We will refer your needs to an appropriately regulated adviser to make the recommendations on. 

Once recommendations have been made and the process begun, we at A Local Broker return to handle the process till completion, from forwarding docs to chasing estate agents and arranging surveys - we do the lot. Everyone updates us, we chase for updates and then we update you. 

Our team of coordinators go that extra mile to lighten the load, using expertise to help you know what you want and then where best to get it. We are here to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible and take on all mortgage related tasks - such as preliminary advice on how to prepare (maybe accessing your credit file), deciding on arranging surveys and at the best price, to ensuring everything moves quickly by driving the brokers, solicitors and any other third party.

Whether you’re a first time buyer, remortgager or an experienced buy-to-let landlord, you can only benefit from letting us act for you. Our dedicated team provide a truly ‘personal experience’ - a service we want you to share and recommend to others.

As the strap line says - We are Opening Doors and Managing Processes - in a nutshell 'we enable and simplify things for you'.